Low cost air conditioner cleaning

We will carefully clean your air conditioner for 4,500 yen per unit. Clean inside and out
If the air coming out of your air conditioner is dirty, your annual electricity bill will be 30% worse. Also, dirty wind causes rough skin.
Air conditioner cleaning also sterilizes and removes viruses inside the air conditioner.

Natural aroma oil free installation service

Air conditioners are coated with natural aroma ingredients that have sterilizing, anti-mold, and insect-repelling effects. This is a free service.

Video of air conditioner cleaning. You can watch it on YouTube☟

How to make a reservation

Reservations can be easily made by email or using the LINE app. Please let us know the name of your city and your email address. The regional representative will notify you by email of available reservation dates and times.

Reservation from LINE app

To contact us via LINE, tap our official LINE button below, add us as a friend, and then send us a LINE message with the name of your city, town or village, number of cleaning machines, and email address. The regional representative will email you the available reservation dates and times later.↓

Areas that can be visited

Tokyo, Saitama, western Chiba